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What makes Intelligent Aged Care stand out?

As aged care pre-admissions data specialists, we provide solutions to help drive your business

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    Valuable Information

    We review each applicants profile clinically and financially to determine a variety of key metrics that can inform your decisions

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    Real Time Insights

    Get the latest information in real time by accessing individual application reports and extended insight reports on demand

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    Fast Decisions

    Having critical information up-front we enable expedited decision making for all new applicants giving you a competitive edge

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    Reduced Costs

    We charge less per applicant than what it currently costs you to obtain the same data, enabling cost benefits from day one

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    Improved Conversion Rate

    Successfully convert high quality leads and applicants by getting key analysis up-front

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    Customer Experience

    Provide tailored experiences by understanding customer needs immediately

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    Integration Friendly

    Our services integrate easily into a wide range of admissions and customer engagement models

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    No Lock-in Contracts

    As a consumption based service you will only ever pay for what you use, meaning you can leave at any time with no penalty or issue

Our Services

Service Levels Insights Coming Soon
Price per Application Processed $10 + GST Coming Soon
Real Time Application Analysis Dashboard Coming Soon
Applicant ACFI Value Estimation Coming Soon
Applicant to Facility Match Recommendation Coming Soon
Applicant Quality Analysis and Classification Coming Soon
Applicant Maximum RAD Affordability Analysis Coming Soon
4 Standard Real Time Applicant Insight Reports Coming Soon
Extended Applicant Portal Brand Customization Coming Soon
Customize Applicant Submission Form Coming Soon
Historical Standard Applicant Insight Reports Coming Soon
Customizable Reporting Coming Soon
Benchmarked Marketing Performance Reports Coming Soon

Who we work with

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